In the case of drainage systems with “push-fit joint”, any possible vibration of the system caused by the presence of machines for pushing the wastewater under pressure, such as booster pumps or Sanitrit-type shredders, causes the sliding out of pipes and fittings and the seal is at risk. The POLO-ASV anti-slip collar, adapted exclusively to the POLO-KAL NG soundproof drainage system, guarantees the seal of the joint. The POLO-ASV anti-slip collar is a device that increases the performance of resistance to traction and pressure, therefore to be used when the connection can be subjected to high stresses. POLO-ASV is easy to install and still allows a complete rotation of the joint; it can be removed to carry out any joint disassembly operations. Diametri disponibili: 32-40-50-75-90-110-125-160-200-250 mm.

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Conditions for installation

When the joint is subject to mechanical stress:

  • in buildings under construction when the drainage system is at risk of accidental impact;
  • in tower buildings to counteract any water hammer in changes of direction, especially at the foot of the column;
  • as a tamper-proof lock for the temporary closure caps.

When the joint is subject to high pressure or vacuum:

  • in pumping systems, with pressure up to 2 bar, to bring the waste water to the level of the sewer;
  • in rainwater columns to ensure tightness, in the case of filling resulting from heavy rainfalls, up to a height of 20 meters
POLO-ASV anti-slip collar for POLOKAL XS.
POLO ASV POLO KAL XS Installazione
Installation of POLO-ASV collars on POLOKAL XS

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