The fixing collar has an important function, not only as a mechanical support for a drainage column, but also plays an important role in the acoustic transmittance values ​​during the wastewater discharge phase. For this reason, the technical characteristics of the fixing collar and its correct installation are crucial in achieving a good if not excellent level of acoustic soundproofing of the drainage system.

POLO-CLIP HS – Un collare plastico in bi-materiale ad alta prestazione fonoisolante particolarmente indicato per l’ancoraggio a parete delle colonne di scarico nei diametri 75-90-110 mm.

POLO-CLIP – Un collare plastico estremamente pratico e di facile utilizzo. Senza l’ausilio di attrezzi consente l’ancoraggio delle tubazioni a pareti e solai con un sistema di “chiusura a scatto” molto vantaggioso e sicuro. Disponibile per i diametri: 32-40-50-75-90-100-110-125-135-160 mm.

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POLO-CLIP HS is a completely plastic collar composed of an external polypropylene bracelet and an internal band composed of rubber lamellae able to rest in an elastic way on the surface of the pipe, containing any possible acoustic bridge. The POLO-CLIP HS collar is extremely flexible and is anchored to the pipe as a sliding collar, therefore under the socket, without the aid of any tools. The collar is provided with an M10 nut inserted in the polypropylene body and useful for fixing on the tie rod fixed to the wall or support. POLO-CLIP HS has a quick closing system that allows, with a single article, to anchor pipes in 3 different diameters of 75, 90 and 110 mm to the wall.


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