The only trap with a in-built membrane to improve venting and eliminate gurgling

Sifone_Ventilato_TRAP-VENT_NEW_Bianco.jpg    Research to improve vent valves has produced an innovative vented trap solution. TRAP-VENT NEW is an EN 12380 certified trap with an internal membrane with a special design which admits air from the room in which it is installed and protects the trap itself against negative pressure generated by the drain system. The TRAP-VENT NEW has a capacity of 1.5 litres per second. Considering that the standard UNI EN 12056-2:2001 defines a water drainage rate of 0.5 litres per second for a sink, the valve may be used to ensure adequate air admission for up to 3 drainage units in line. The TRAP-VENT NEW vented trap is recommended for all situations where, for space or decor reasons, it is not possible to install a MINI-VENT vent valve. Furthermore, the ease of installation and attractive design of the TRAP-VENT NEW vented trap make it the ideal choice for situations with sanitary fittings or utilities more than 4 metres from the main drain stack.

Calcolo-aria-scarichi-EN12056.gif     The standard UNI EN 12056-2:2001 concerning the correct ventilation of drainage systems and applicable in all EU states, requires the use of a vented trap. To obtain a rough idea of whether the TRAP-VENT NEW vented trap will meet the air flow requisites for a given application, a PROJECTED ESTIMATE may be calculated on the basis of the number of sanitary units connected to the same horizontal drain branch.

Attractively designed and lightweight, the vented trap is easy to install anywhere

Trap-Vent_New_sifone_ventilato-2.jpg   Trap-Vent_New_Sifone_ventilato-1.jpg   Trap-Vent_New_Sifone_Ventilato-3.jpg
  The attractive looks of the TRAP-VENT NEW make it an elegant alternative to conventional S and P traps. Easy to inspect and quick to clean, the TRAP-VENT NEW vented trap is made entirely from ABS and is available in a white or polished chrome finish. Extremely compact and light, it may be installed on any sanitary fitting with a 32 mm (1 ¼”) diameter connection. Even if installed under sink built into furniture, the trap will still function correctly and ensure adequate air admission.