The odour filter valve for water effluent treatment systems

MAXI-FILTRA is a two-way valve that eliminates the unpleasant odours produced by water effluent treatment systems with a replaceable active carbon filter, which both filters gases vented from the system while allowing the admission of air into the system for aerobic/anaerobic digestion. The valve may be installed on the vent lines of septic tanks (e.g. Imhoff), oil separators (hydrocarbon), rainwater collection tanks and pumping stations. The MAXI-FILTRA valve may also be installed, in conjunction with the MAXI-VENT air admission valve, on open vent lines situated outside a building (in existing installations with vents near balconies, or in new builds where a roof mounted vent is required by local hygiene regulations) to resolve the problem of overpressure in a sewage system without releasing malodorous gases into the air. 

Innovative manufacturing technology and extraordinary versatility

Manufactured in ABS and complete with a specific mounting clamp, the MAXI-FILTRA odour filter valve can be installed on 75, 90 and 110 millimetre diameter piping. Fitted with a protective aluminium cap (which protects it against UV exposure and impact with foreign objects, and allows operation within a temperature range from -20°C to +60°C), the MAXI-FILTRA can – and indeed should – be installed outdoors, outside the building. However, to ensure correct operation, we recommend installing it in a clean location with no exposure to dust, grease or solvents. The fact that the valve can be installed near rainwater collection tanks or septic tanks means that a conventional vent system, with piping extending above the height of the building, is not necessary.