The MINI-VENT valve solves a host of drainage system venting problems

The EN 12380 certified MINI-VENT vent valve uses the same operating and construction principles as the MAXI-VENT valve. Smaller in size and with an air flow rate of 7.5 litres per second, the MINI-VENT valve offers a brilliant and effective solution for ensuring the correct admission of air into the drain system in situations where access to the drain stack is impossible or would require excessively invasive work. The MINI-VENT vent valve may be installed in an indoor space (bathroom, kitchen, laundry, workshop, changing room etc.) by simply fitting it onto a specific T junction near the trap of the sanitary fitting or utility. Complete with its own clamp, the MINI-VENT valve may be installed, in a vertical position only, on 32, 40, 50 and 63 millimetre diameter pipes. In order to comply with the technical standard UNI EN 12056-2:2001, when using conventional vent lines, a secondary vent system or an indirect parallel vent system must be installed on drainage branches with sanitary fittings or utilities situated at a distance exceeding 4 metres from the main drain stack to ensure adequate air admission. These are both complex and invasive solutions, requiring the passage of additional piping through walls and floors. However, the standard also permits the use of vent valves as an alternative solution. Using MINI-VENT vent valves makes it possible to situate sanitary fittings and utilities at distances of up to 10 metres from the main drain stack!

Solve gurgling and unpleasant odour problems once and for all

Many complaints from tenants concerning the drainage system are due to noises and unpleasant odours in their homes. In the vast majority of cases, these problems are attributable to drain venting. Simply put, for a wide number of reasons – in historic buildings, renovated buildings and even new builds – tenants experience inconveniences that are severely detrimental to living comfort. Using the MINI-VENT vent valve offers a quick and simple solution requiring no invasive work, which rebalances the vent system correctly along an entire horizontal branch. For instance, installing the MINI-VENT under a sink – which very often has a dishwasher installed next to it – eliminates the gurgling effect caused when the appliance empties under pressure into the drain. Similarly, with a washing machine next to a bathroom basin, installing a vent valve under the sanitary utility eliminates the same gurgling effect. These typical noises produced as the trap empties may also be associated with the subsequent release of bad smells into the interior space. This happens because, when there is no more water left in the trap, malodorous gases from the drain can pass freely back through the trap itself.