A soundproofed system for the pipework of centralised dust extraction installations

Installed in thousands of sites and the subject of numerous imitations in recent years, with other manufacturers copying both its original blue colour and 3 layer construction, the POLO-KAL NG ducting system is ideal for creating centralised dust extraction systems. After undergoing the most severe tightness tests, confirming its resilience in a variety of different operating conditions, the POLO-KAL NG system attained certification for use in 10 different types of application. Using the system for centralised dust extraction applications in particular offers an opportunity to improve the soundproofing properties of the network of pipes passing through the walls and floors of a building.

Simpler installation, with reinforced, sound blocking material

Using the POLO-KAL NG soundproofed ducting system to realise the pipework connecting the different vacuum connection points with the centralised vacuum machine offers a number of different advantages in terms of installation and use, quality, cost and practicality. Tests conducted by the University of Siegen in Germany have demonstrated that the POLO-KAL NG system accumulates a very low electrostatic charge when aspirating air, which is then rapidly dissipated, making it particularly well suited to this application. Moreover, the special 3 layer construction of POLO-KAL NG ensures effective soundproofing when ducting air which, because of the smooth inner surfaces and constant cross section of the system, flows without impediment. The job of the installing technician is made much simpler by the push-fit fitting system, which is much quicker than adhesive bonding but also safer, as no potentially harmful volatile components of adhesive or solvent are released into the system. The push-fit fitting system also allows subsequent corrections to be made – if the client or system designer decides to change the location of vacuum connection points, for instance - without wasting material.