A soundproofed fume extraction system

Installed in thousands of sites and the subject of numerous imitations in recent years, with other manufacturers copying both its original blue colour and 3 layer construction, the POLO-KAL NG ducting system is ideal for creating fume extraction systems to extract fumes produced by condensing boilers and extract steam from kitchen extractor hoods. After undergoing the most severe tightness tests, confirming its resilience in a variety of different operating conditions, the POLO-KAL NG system attained certification for use in 10 different types of application. In particular, using the system to create a fume extraction system instead of using standard kitchen extractor hoods offers an opportunity to improve the soundproofing properties of the network of pipes passing through the walls and floors of a building.

POLO-KAL NG: suitable for use in domestic installations up to 35 kW and non-domestic installations over 35 kW

The superior quality of the POLO-KAL NG compound combined with the use of red silicone gaskets on the pipe flanges and fittings have made it possible to achieve certification for the system in compliance with the standards UNI EN 14471:2005 and UNI 7129-3:2008. Special corrosion-resistant gaskets, which prevent acidic condensation from adhering to their surfaces, are pre-fit onto the special fittings of the POLO-KAL NG range for use in fume extraction applications. On other fittings (normally used for water drains) and pipes, the red gaskets must be replaced with black gaskets. The recently introduced technical standard UNI 11528:2014 permits the use of systems such as POLO-KAL NG in first, second and third generation gas-fired civil non-domestic installations, in array or cascade installations with a total thermal power output exceeding 35 kW, and in the renovation or extension of existing installations. EC homologation in compliance with UNI EN 14471 certifies that the POLO-KAL NG system is suitable for the extraction of fumes produced by gas and fuel oil fired condensing boilers at temperatures up to 120°C.

A comprehensive range and unrivalled technical advantages

Conceived to offer effective soundproofing for water drains and with class beating physical and mechanical properties, the POLO-KAL NG system has attained certification over the past ten years permitting its use in an astonishing ten different fields of application. This is a huge advantage - unmatched by any other drain system on the market today – for the planning and management of different installations to be realised on site, as it makes it possible to use a single drainage/extraction system, offering significant cost savings (with total compatibility between components, unified piping lengths, simplified transport logistics, a huge range of diameters and a quick push-fit fitting system). Moreover, the availability of special parts to suit every possible application (fume extraction, CMV systems, centralised dust extraction) and specific made to measure fittings makes it possible to create fully compliant installations with the added advantage, in terms of comfort, of a soundproofed system.