The reliability and safety of BALPEX for domestic gas distribution

After twenty years of usage of PEX/AL/PEX multilayer systems worldwide, in 2009 UNI finally issued technical standards for Italy regulating the production, design and installation of multilayer systems for domestic gas distribution. Specifically, the standard UNI TS 11344 defines the requisites for multilayer metal-plastic systems and fittings for the transport of gas fuels for indoor systems; the standard UNI TS 11343 defines the criteria for the design, installation and maintenance of multilayer piping systems and respective fittings suitable for the transport of gas for domestic installations fed by mains gas, gas bottles or fixed LPG tanks; while the standard UNI CIG 7129 defines the general rules for the correct design and installation of gas delivery systems for domestic applications and non-domestic applications over 35 kW. Certification for use for gas distribution is just the latest in series of many other such acknowledgments testifying to the success of the BALPEX multilayer system. The reason for this success is that it is a system which, with both plastic layers of the pipe in cross-linked polyethylene and with brass fittings with stainless steel lock rings, offers unrivalled safety and versatility for the construction of installations for ducting fluids at high temperatures and pressures, ensuring constant mechanical strength throughout its extended operational lifetime.

UNI 11528:2014 – The new standard for installations with thermal power outputs above 35 kW

In February 2014, the new technical standard UNI TS 11343 was published to define the criteria for the design and commissioning of first, second and third generation gas-fired civil non-domestic installations, and for array or cascade installations with a total thermal power output exceeding 35 kW. This standard is also applicable for the renovation of non-domestic civil installations or parts thereof. The standard is not applicable for gas installations constructed specifically for operation within industrial cycles, and installations subject to the standard UNI 8723.

Italian Ministerial Decree 37/2008 requires a declaration of conformity for all installations

In addition to its superior technical qualities, the advantages of using the BALPEX GAS multilayer system also include its extraordinary flexibility and ease of installation even in extreme conditions or in the most complex systems. Note that, irrespective of their intended use, all installations constructed within buildings are subject to Italian Ministerial Decree 37 of 2008, which requires that the installation is realised in compliance with proper working practices and also requires a declaration of conformity for the installation itself. Every stage in the installation must therefore be performed by persons with the necessary technical skills and meeting the requisites defined by applicable legislation and standards.