HOMEGAS suits any decor and offers greater peace of mind when using your gas system

In addition to its stylish design and chromed finish, the HOMEGAS valve is also completely flush with the wall (with no bulky and unsightly protruding parts), and features an ingenious system for opening and closing the gas flow simply and quickly by pressing and turning the button. Whether the valve is open or closed is clearly visible, while the press-and-turn button clicks positively into the open or closed position for additional safety should a child try to tamper with the device. The built-in box housing the valve can be inspected, and the front part of the box removed, by simply removing the face panel, while the 20 mm gas passage diameter of the valve is ideally sized for boilers and cookers. If necessary, the valve can be replaced without damaging the surrounding tiles.

HOMEGAS: mandatory by law, unique by design

The ability to cut off and open the gas supply in a domestic installation is required by technical standards applicable in Italy, and is a function achieved with a cut-off valve. The impracticality of operating conventional gas cocks for gas powered boilers and cookers in the cramped spaces of a built-in kitchen units led Bampi to design and produce a safe and innovative solution which not only complies with legislation and standards, but also combines accessibility with design and ease of installation. These were the goals for the HOMEGAS recessed gas cut-off valve, which is conformant with the standards UNI TS 11343, UNI CIG 7129-1 and UNI EN 331. The compact dimensions of the recessed valve box and the stylish chromed finish of the cover plate, which measures just 165 mm in width by 128 mm in height, make it possible to install the HOMEGAS valve in the wall over the kitchen top. This not only makes the valve extremely comfortable to use, but also allows immediate visual identification of the open/closed status of the gas line.

HOMEGAS is easy to install with the BALPEX multilayer system

The HOMEGAS recessed gas cut-off valve should preferably be used with a gas distribution system realised with continuous piping such as BALPEX multilayer pipes. For use with continuous piping, specific fittings may be installed at the beginning of the system. Otherwise, the HOMEGAS cut-off valve (available as versions with from 1 to 3 outlets) may also be used in installations consisting of metal piping only.

Italian Ministerial Decree 37/2008 requires a declaration of conformity for all installations

Note that, irrespective of their intended use, all HOMEGAS valves used in installations within buildings are subject to Italian Ministerial Decree 37 of 2008, which requires that the installation is realised in compliance with proper working practices and also requires a declaration of conformity for the installation itself. Every stage in the installation must therefore be performed by persons with the necessary technical skills and meeting the requisites defined by applicable legislation and standards.