The most effective active air exchange system

Bagno_cieco_aspiraodori_SNIF.jpg   SNIF is a system which simultaneously eliminates odours and functions as an extractor for the bathroom and toilet. The SNIF extractor system is a universal solution applicable to existing toilet flush cassettes or to new installations to tackle the problem of unpleasant odours originating from the toilet boil directly at the source. It is particularly ideal for bathrooms with no windows, linked electrically to the light switch for the room. In bathrooms with windows, a dedicated switch with on/off indicator lamp is recommended, or an occupancy sensor.



 Diagramma_Portata_SNIF_Bampi.jpg SNIF_Dimensioni_Frontali.jpg  

How is it installed?

SNIF_Installazione_cassetta_WC.jpg   The SNIF extractor system may be installed vertically in a wall or horizontally in a ceiling or double ceiling. The diameters of the air pipes used are determined in relation to the length of the pipes themselves, distances and the rated capacity of the project.  The quick release cover panel and motor that can be easily removed from the built-in box ensure simplified maintenance and save time.

What are the advantages?

The SNIF system is connectable to both external and built-in toilet cassettes and ensures excellent air hygiene, with a high flow capacity (Q > 100 m³/h), while eliminating unpleasant smells by aspirating them directly from the source, preventing them from spreading though the room and preventing the need to open windows and, as a result, waste heating/cooling energy.  The highly effective extraction performance is complemented by the remarkable quietness of the motor, to offer levels of hygiene and acoustic comfort far superior to a conventional extractor unit.  

Is it worth it?

The operating costs of the SNIF extractor system are kept to a minimum by the very low power consumption of the motor (approximately 30W-230V-50Hz and Imax=0.14Ah) combined with timer controlled operation (power on delay = 50 seconds, power off delay = 350 seconds). The system is connected to an independent switch or linked with the bathroom light switch, with a timer integrated in the unit itself, to optimise usage and, as a result, consumption.