FONOSANWALL: a must-have accessory for soundproofing sanitary fittings

In its commitment to continuously improve acoustic comfort, Bampi decided to introduce an accessory to its toilet flushing system catalogue which plays an important role in reducing the transmission of noise produced by the flushing bowl. This is an insulating element which absorbs the sound energy transmitted through contact between the toilet bowl and the wall in the case of suspended ceramic sanitary ware. FONOSANWALL is an insulating plate for suspended sanitary ware made from a special highly crush resistant open cell centrifuged latex rubber material. The FONOSANWALL vibration damping plate is pre-punched and universal: it is installed between the mounting wall and the suspended sanitary fitting, and may be used not only for toilets but also for suspended bidets.

Spare parts compatible with all toilet flush cassette models

In addition to the two main factors of style and price influencing the choice of toilet flush cassette, there is a third important factor: the simplicity of installation and maintenance of the cassette for the plumber. This is why Bampi has designed the most important functional components of its toilet flush cassettes – namely the float and the flush valve – to be compatible with all models. This minimises the number of different spare parts in the catalogue, for simpler and quicker flush cassette maintenance. Even for disabled toilet applications requiring pneumatic controls, the range of parts for all built-in and external cassettes is the same, allowing for recessed, wall-mounted or floor-mounted installation of the control.