High quality toilet flush systems

Over 20 years of progress in drain and flush system soundproofing by Bampi have made a host of innovative products available to the modern plumber. The toilet flush cistern is undeniably one of the most important of these. This is why the Bampi range of toilet flush cassettes for built-in or wall-mounted installation can also benefit from advanced soundproofing solutions with the exclusive and silent MAGNETIC float. The toilet flush system must ensure the correct flow speed and volume, combined with durable and mechanically resilient components and minimal acoustic impact on the rooms adjoining the bathroom. These are the defining criteria in the technical quality of a toilet flush cistern.

External cisterns for all tastes and budgets

The range of external toilet flush cisterns in the Bampi catalogue offers huge choice in terms of technical content, application and price. At the top of the range is the VELA, an external cistern with the MAGNETIC soundproofed float and a cistern in white ABS with a soft-edged and sinuous elegant design. For greater water economy, the flush system delivers two different and adjustable flush volumes, with 3 – 4.5 litres using the small button and 6 – 9 litres with the large button. The Bampi external cisterns range also offers the possibility of installation at mid-height or ceiling height, with the chain operated BLANKA cistern. For these installations, a choice of outlet pipes in different lengths is available for connecting the outlet of the cisterns to the toilet bowl.

Spare parts compatible with all external cisterns models

In addition to the two main factors of style and price influencing the choice of toilet flush cisterns, there is a third important factor: the simplicity of installation and maintenance of the cistern for the plumber. This is why Bampi has designed the most important functional components of its external cisterns – namely the float and the flush valve – to be compatible with all models. This minimises the number of different spare parts in the catalogue, for simpler and quicker flush cistern maintenance. Even for disabled toilet applications requiring pneumatic controls, the range of parts for all external toilet flush cisterns is the same as the range for built-in cassettes in the Bampi catalogue.