High quality toilet flush systems

Over 20 years of progress in drain and flush system soundproofing by Bampi have made a host of innovative products available to the modern plumber. The toilet flush cistern is undeniably one of the most important of these. This is why the Bampi range of toilet flush cisterns for built-in or wall-mounted installation can also benefit from advanced soundproofing solutions with the exclusive and silent MAGNETIC float. The toilet flush system must ensure the correct flow speed and volume, combined with durable and mechanically resilient components and minimal acoustic impact on the rooms adjoining the bathroom. These are the defining criteria in the technical quality of a toilet flush cistern.

Easy to install and inspect built-in cisterns

There is still some prejudice against installing a built-in toilet flush cistern, and some of the reasons for this are both understandable and justifiable. The main reason is that the cistern is completely walled in, and contains plastic parts in permanent contact with water. When combined with limescale deposits, the mechanical movements of the parts can very often lead to malfunctions causing problems such as noise or poor flush performance, which require repair or replacement work. Bampi offers a solution to these problems with its built-in cisterns. The PE-HD casing of Bampi built-in cisterns is 80 millimetres thick and covered with an anti-condensation polystyrene outer lining, onto which a mesh is applied to ensure a firm grip with the mortar. The generously sized access window is big enough to allow adjustment work with both hands, while if it is necessary to clean or replace the flush valve stop, the entire left forearm can be placed inside the cisterns to remove the part with no tools. The MAGNETIC silent float installed inside the cisterns is the only float on the market which prevents the delicate parts of the mechanism which silently open and close the water inlet from ever coming into contact with water. This ingenious technical solution ensures silent operation while preventing friction and wear problems caused by limescale, significantly extending the service life of the float in the cistern. The result is trouble-free operation for many years requiring no maintenance or repairs.

A wide choice of controls and installation accessories

Bampi built-in cisterns are designed to maximise water economy by letting the user decide between different flush volumes depending on necessity. These cisterns offer two adjustable flush volumes, with 3 – 4.5 litres using the small button and 6 – 9 litres with the large button. A comprehensive range of flush plates in ABS is available, with a wide choice of different forms, sizes, styles and finishes, while for disabled toilets, a range of wall-mounted (recessed or external) and floor-mounted pneumatic controls is offered. With a modern design and orderable with an exclusive, personalised front cover, the “Ti” flush plate line offers the widest choice of finishes. Try the "Ti" flush plate configurator function for yourself to discover all the possible combinations of colour, finish and material. Bampi toilet flush cisterns are also available pre-assembled in the factory on specific metal frames facilitating subsequent installation in suspended ceramic cisterns and in recesses in all types of wall: in cavity brick, masonry, dry material (plasterboard or wood) and mixed systems (e.g. masonry and plasterboard). The range of mounting frames also includes items for the installation of other suspended sanitary fittings in the bathroom, such as basins and bidets.