Magnetic: the world’s first and only universal silent float!

galleggiante_insonorizzato_MAGNETIC.jpg   Over the past 20 years, Bampi has dedicated a great deal of effort to reducing the noise produced by drain systems in plumbing applications, and the toilet flush system in particular has proven very difficult to soundproof. Only through research conducted together with acoustic technicians and by measuring the acoustic characteristics of the flush system in situ has it been possible to develop a solution that significantly reduces the noise produced by flush cassettes. This is MAGNETIC: a universal silent float. These three words reveal what is so special about MAGNETIC. Universal, because it is the first float installable in all toilet flush cassettes. Silent, as it the first toilet flush cassette float to succeed in drastically reducing fill noise and increase the longevity of the float itself. Float – the part of the flush system responsible for producing noise as a result of filling.

Toilet flush systems can cause significant noise disturbance

  Toilet flushing noise is one of the biggest nuisances and causes of disturbance in the home and in condominium living. Preventing noise is not simply a question of consideration for others, but an actual requisite of standards and laws to protect our wellbeing in the home. Having a toilet cassette in the bathroom that produces no noise disturbance when used (especially at night when people are sleeping) is more than just a wish, it should be a right. With the exclusive MAGNETIC silent float installed in the flush cassette, silence becomes the norm. Always, everywhere and in all situations.

How many other floats produce just 10 dB of noise at a mains pressure of 3 bar?

10dB_Insonorizzazione_Magnetic_Galleggiante.jpg     When you’re having a toilet flush cassette installed in your home, ask what the highest noise level is that the float produces in the cassette, and ask to see a certificate as proof. With the arrival of the MAGNETIC float, many customers have started asking this question. Not only because customers have come to appreciate the silence of the MAGNETIC float, but also, and most importantly, because it is the first time that a manufacturer has produced certification testifying to the noise levels produced by a float in situ. MAGNETIC has been tested and certified by the laboratories of the LGA institute in Nuremberg, Germany, in accordance with the standard DIN 4109 (the German standard defining the acoustic requisites of construction products), producing a noise level of just 10 decibels with a mains water pressure of 3 bar.