BSILENT Exclusive plus

Something new to listen to in the bathroom: silence!

Cassetta_Incasso-wc_BSILENT.jpg   Bampi, thanks to its many years of experience in soundproofing exhaust systems, has developed the innovative BSILENT toilet flush cistern. Today, the market offers toilet and drainage sanitary fittings that combine design, elegance, electronic technology, application multi-functionality and water saving. BSILENT adds to these features acoustic comfort! The noise disturbance has always been a concern for all producers and a nuisance for users, but today with this unique new technology it has been possible to solve everything without forgetting safety, modernity, style and class that everyone wants to find in their own bathroom.

An absolutely imperceptible water load

galleggiante_insonorizzato_MAGNETIC.jpg In the area of plumbing, Bampi has paid close attention to the noises caused by exhaust systems for over 20 years and the rinsing of WC vessels has always proved particularly difficult to acoustically isolate. Only through the experiences conducted alongside acoustic technicians and verifying the behavior of the waste systems on site, it was possible to complete the study of a solution capable of considerably reducing the noises caused by the flushing cisterns of WC vessels. We are talking about MAGNETIC: a universal soundproof float. We go by order. Float, is the term used to identify the component that determines the noise generated during the water load. Soundproof, because no one has ever managed to drastically reduce the load noises, increasing the longevity of operation of a toilet cassette float. Universal because MAGNETIC is the only float that can be installed in all WC flush cisterns.