A soundproofed system for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation ducting

Installed in thousands of sites and the subject of numerous imitations in recent years, with other manufacturers copying both its original blue colour and 3 layer construction, the POLO-KAL NG ducting system is ideal for creating CVM Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems. After undergoing the most severe tightness tests, confirming its resilience in a variety of different operating conditions, the POLO-KAL NG system attained certification for use in 10 different types of application. Using the system for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation applications in particular offers an opportunity to improve the soundproofing properties of the network of pipes passing through the walls and floors of a building.

The advantages of using POLO-KAL NG in CMV applications

Using the POLO-KAL NG soundproofed ducting system to realise the pipework ensuring adequate air exchange in the different rooms of a building offers a number of advantages in terms of installation and use, quality, cost and practicality. The most important of these is the quality of the ducted air. The inner layer of POLO-KAL NG contains no cadmium, halogens or other harmful substances, protecting the quality of the air ducted into the building. With smooth surfaces and circular cross section pipes and fittings, POLO-KAL NG offers extremely low resistance to the air flow, minimising the power consumption of fans. The system also offers many practical advantages during installation: the push-fit fittings ensure quick, precise assembly, while the annular and axial rigidity of the pipes and fittings make them suitable not only for installation in double ceilings or specific conduits, but also buried in floor slabs and cast concrete. 

Only POLO-KAL NG offers made-to-measure special components

Another unique advantage of the POLO-KAL NG soundproofed system – even for CMV applications – is that the superior quality of the raw materials used for production allows specialised Bampi technical personnel to apply their expertise to manufacture made-to-measure fittings using a thermo-bonding process. This is a significant asset for designers and installers, especially in the case of problems in routing large diameter ducts where the available space does not permit the use of standard bends (15°, 30°, 45°, 90°) or compatible branch connections.

Health and hygiene are priorities in air treatment

Choosing the right material, whether plastic (PP – PE-HD – PVC – ABS) or metal, for the realisation of the air distribution system in a CMV installation is also crucial for ensuring that the system can be cleaned easily in future. The circular cross section of the POLO-KAL NG soundproofed system and the inspection cover of the manifold allow simplified, effective maintenance of different sections of the system from a single central point. This is a factor that must not be overlooked, as maintaining the quality of the air ducted in the system depends on the frequency with which the system is cleaned by qualified personnel.