The best suited solution for sanitary fittings and domestic appliances

The quality requisites of today’s increasingly more evolved, higher performance buildings call for technological systems ensuring absolute comfort and created to last at least as long as the buildings in which they are installed. The catalogue of BAMSIF traps, strainers and gullies offers an enormous choice of items for installing sanitary fittings and domestic appliances in bathrooms, kitchens or other utility rooms.

Choosing the right technical characteristics for the application

With a huge choice of shapes and sizes on offer, and extraordinarily simple and safe to install, BAMSIF items are suitable for a wide spectrum of different installation needs. Always consider the following technical characteristics when choosing a product: seal tightness, water flow capacity, overflow capacity, minimum and maximum vertical length, vertical space usage, footprint of strainer, horizontal length of trap, and any legislative restrictions applicable.

A choice of different materials to cater for the waste trap needs of sanitary fittings and domestic appliances

The BAMSIF water trap system catalogue also indicates all the technical characteristics of the items listed and their compatibility with specific applications. The range includes items in polypropylene, polyethylene and ABS, and consists of the following product families: bathtub drain strainer barrels, bathtub traps, shower traps, trapped gullies for shower pans, low profile strainers for shower pans, in-floor strainers, in-floor traps with one or more outlets, chromed traps with inspection port for bidets, chromed traps for basins, white plastic traps for bidets and basins, traps for kitchen sinks with one or more connections, strainer barrels for basins, traps for washing machines, washing machine valves, fittings for connecting toilet bowls.