Total control over the acoustic bridge

Much of the noise produced by effluent flowing along drain pipes is transmitted directly into the interior of the building. This transmission occurs where the drainage system comes into contact with structural elements of the building (walls and floors), creating an acoustic bridge effect. This is why, as well as choosing soundproofed drainage systems, accessories must also be used in the installation which minimise or even eliminate acoustic bridges. When installing drain stacks within wall cavities or not directly built into the wall, the fastener collar is the most important accessory in terms of noise transmission.

Resilient fastener collars with superior noise absorption properties

The suite of drainage system soundproofing solutions by Bampi for anchoring pipes to walls and floors consists of two products tested in accordance with the standards DIN 4109 and EN 14366, which offer extraordinary vibration damping performance combined with simple, quick installation.

POLO-CLIP HS: a very high performance collar

This is a very high performance collar boasting original and unique construction technology. The pipe clamp consists of bonded layers of two different materials: with an outer layer of polypropylene for resistance and clamping strength, and an inner layer with rubber flaps ensuring elasticity and superior vibration damping. The POLO-CLIP HS collar also features a snap-fit locking system, which needs no tools and is extremely quick and easy to install. A single collar size can be used to fasten pipes measuring 75, 90 and 110 mm in diameter. The acoustic insulation performance of the POLO-CLIP HS collar has been laboratory tested in compliance with DIN 4109 ed EN 14336.

POLO-CLIP: an easy to fasten elastic collar

This collar is also made from polypropylene rather than metal, which is used in many other pipe fastening products. As it is much more rigid than plastic, it is easy to understand how a collar in metal is more susceptible to noise transmission. The POLO-CLIP collar is clamped very simply onto the pipe with a single hand, without using tools. While consisting of just 4 sizes, the POLO-CLIP series of collars caters for a wide range of diameters: 32, 40, 50, 75,  90, 100, 110, 125, 135 and 160 millimetres.