The quality of the raw materials shines through when there’s a problem with the product

It might seem paradoxical, but a repair to an accidentally damaged pipe or fitting is actually an opportunity to prove the quality of the material and compound used to manufacture the product. All Bampi drainage systems are made from prime quality raw materials. Proof of this is the fact that accidental holes in pipes and fittings can be fixed with a thermo-bonded repair. In the vast majority of cases of damage to a drainage system in an inhabited building or other finished systems, the cause is a drilled hole. With all Bampi drainage systems, the damage can be repaired without necessarily calling for invasive, inconvenient and costly action.

A quick and safe procedure for repairing an accidental hole

The uniformity and quality of the raw materials used to manufacture Bampi systems make it possible to perform thermo-bonded repairs on pipes and fittings – a procedure that is very rarely practicable on other polypropylene systems. A special tool, with a special heated metal grid which reaches a temperature of around 200°C, is used to apply a hole repair disc directly onto the zone punctured by a drill. Once heated, the grid at the tip of the tool is placed on the pipe with the central pin inserted in the hole, and the hole repair disc is heated by pressing it onto the rear side of the grid. After a few seconds (while it is still hot and soft), the hole repair disc is pressed gently onto the damaged zone for a few seconds. Once both thermo-bonded parts have cooled, the hole is perfectly sealed and the masonry removed to access the damaged pipe or fitting can be repaired.