Improving acoustic performance through attention to detail for superior comfort in the home

The attention dedicated by Bampi to detail is evident in the design, substance and mechanical strength of the fittings in the different soundproofed drain system ranges in its extensive catalogue. The superior performance of the POLO-KAL NG and POLO-KAL 3S systems, for example, is not only due to the intrinsic qualities of the triple layer pipe, but also to the extensive choice and installation possibilities offered by its comprehensive range of fittings. These include inspection ports – special fittings allowing access to the interior of the drainage system for cleaning, checking and video inspection. The quality of the inspection ports in the POLO-KAL drain system ranges, for instance, is evident in details such as the cover maintaining the integrity of the circular cross section of the pipe. This means that when the inspection cover is closed, the internal cross section of the pipe is perfectly circular, ensuring unimpeded flow through the pipe. This not only prevents any noise produced by fluid turbulence, but also prevents the risk of obstruction caused by sedimentation.

An inspection aperture 3 times larger than any other drainage system

Access to drainage systems via an inspection fitting is usually limited to inserting micro-cameras into the piping for video inspection, as there is very little access space available. The POLO-KAL NG and POLO-KAL 3S soundproofed drainage systems, however, offer an exclusive new possibility for access: a special pipe with inspection port, with an access aperture three times larger than any other inspection port. This generously sized access aperture makes it possible to work much more comfortably, and is closed by a hermitically sealed cover ensuring absolutely reliable seal integrity, even in the event of transitory pressure peaks. This special soundproofed inspection port is ideal for a wide variety of situations with special requisites, such as schools. The bathrooms in many of these public buildings use squat toilets, which may often be subject to vandalism – with students throwing foreign objects into them – leading to problems in the drainage system. Installing the POLO-KAL special pipe with inspection port downstream of the drainage manifold for these toilets will facilitate inspection and cleaning of the drainage system.