The evolution of 3-layer extruded polypropylene

Bampi is now considered the Italian leader in the drainage system sector because as early as the 1980s, it had already recognised the need to develop and offer technological solutions to give its products a further advantage over competitors - namely, the physical properties to ensure acoustic insulation. This means the ability of the drainage system (which can be a particular source of noise disturbance during flushing and draining) to prevent the transmission of noise into other spaces in the building. 
We take this for granted now, but back in those days – as many professionals working in the plumbing sector at the time will surely remember – there was a general indifference towards this issue in the market. Bampi – naturally – stood its ground, and was the first in Italy to offer not one but two drainage systems with soundproofing properties: the POLO-KAL 3S and POLO-KAL NG, now among the most widely used and best known drainage systems with superior acoustic performance.  So the fact that acoustic comfort has now become a significant factor in the design and realisation of drainage systems is partly thanks to Bampi. 
Since then, the market has of course become much more competitive in terms of technical content and pricing, spurring Bampi to take yet another step forwards. This is why Bampi has decided to add the ULTRA SILENT to its product catalogue: an innovative triple layer drainage system with an unmistakeable black finish and certified compliant with the international standard EN 1451. The ULTRA SILENT system with push-fit fittings offers superior noise insulation combined with outstanding low temperature shock resistance. This system is recommended for buildings with relatively low drainage volumes and noise levels (with smaller numbers of floors and sanitary fittings connected, and simpler pipe routing through structural elements).

UV resistant pipes and fittings

The design and realisation of a drainage system requires the use of systems that can meet a wide variety of quality requisites concerning many different factors, such as: resilience, resistance, seal tightness, acoustic insulation, versatility, product availability and speed of installation. As well as meeting all of these requisites, the ULTRA SILENT system also offers other exclusive advantages: the carbon black external finish gives the product superior resistance to sunlight, while the white finish of the inner surface ensures excellent visibility for video inspection.
The ULTRA SILENT system in copolymer polypropylene, with an intermediate layer reinforced with mineral filler, offers a range of standard diameters (compatible with other drain systems on the market today) from 32/40/50 mm for branches up to 160 mm for drain stacks. All the fitting configurations needed for special cases are also available, with a wide choice of bend angles, as well as fittings for connecting to other drain systems.

A fully compliant system with the most restrictive standards and legislation

The ULTRA SILENT polypropylene waste water drainage system falls within the class of products for the drainage of low and high temperature effluent water and for drain system ventilation defined in the technical standard UNI EN 12056-2:200, which regulates the design and sizing of these systems. While this system of special pipes and fittings offers many significant technical, practical and economic advantages, it is still crucial that installers understand and implement the basic concepts for correct installation given in the technical manual accompanying the ULTRA SILENT system. This information is also available in the SYSTEM DESIGN section of this website, in the part addressing ACOUSTIC INSULATION.