Sharing with users consolidates the value of the company and maximises market penetration

In response to the increasing need for heating and plumbing dealers to tailor sales plans to suit widely different situations and targets, the Bampi marketing team has decided to take advantage of the potential offered by the internet. While end customers will always want to touch and see the product for themselves in the context of a showroom, the wide variety of web platforms now available also offer opportunities to develop, create and tailor targeted sales activities even for the heating and plumbing sector. Of course, the reasons behind a communication plan are not simply commercial.Modern_building.jpg  Communication is also a means to turn the spotlight onto specific user profiles, allowing them to share their own experiences with heating and plumbing solutions and systems, products, applications and technologies. This is why Bampi has also decided to take advantage of the potential of social media, encouraging its users to interact on a higher new level not founded exclusively on a commercial or technical relationship. We believe that having the courage to redefine the language and channels through which we communicate is a sign of maturity and openness. A challenge that we willingly undertake day after day, fully aware of just how difficult it is to travel a path which, while exciting, can also be fraught with pitfalls and change. Communicating with such a varied target group (plumbers, builders, system designers, dealers and consumers) is only possible by conceiving and implementing increasingly more frequent and diverse actions, and demands that we respond directly to our users with the answers they expect and need.