Applied solutions for acoustic and climate comfort in buildings

In response to today’s precarious and uncertain scenario in the building market – especially in Italy – Bampi has created a commercial strategy for its loyal heating and plumbing distributor clients to raise awareness of its products. What this strategy does is allow the company to work together with the client to ensure that the tools for developing the portfolio of products offered by Bampi are shared more effectively. With a suite of heating and plumbing solutions and systems created to maximise acoustic and climate comfort,   


the Bampi dealer is in the privileged position of being able to offer products with superior technology and exclusive manufacturing quality. Only through coordinated action to ensure that technical information is shared in a coordinated and effective manner between heating and plumbing warehouses and showrooms is it possible to create opportunities for development and reach an even broader target group: from plumbing installers to heating technicians, from the quantity surveyor to the construction engineer, from the architect to the contractor, from the construction enterprise to the technical representative of a public authority, and from the sales consultant to the end consumer. To achieve this ambitious goal for cooperation between elements of the construction value chain, Bampi has devised and defined a highly innovative concept for the heating and plumbing distribution network.     
Titled “paths to comfort”, the project starts from the interior of the building, placing the individual at the centre of the communication concept. Going beyond differences in role and areas of expertise, the concept aims to establish a mutually advantageous exchange of knowledge between the different figures involved in a building project, whether for a new build, an upgrade or a renovation. The APPLICATIONS section of the Bampi website offers an immediately clear understanding of this new approach. Within this section, for each of the five distinct indoor spaces BATHROOM – KITCHEN – LIVING ROOM – BEDROOM – OFFICE, the company offers an opportunity to discover and find out more about its heating and plumbing solutions and systems, beginning from their respective functions and precise installation locations.