A flexible production process for products and services offering even greater value

The people involved in the growth of Bampi have a shared history – on a human level even more so than on a professional scale – with the founder of the company. With extraordinary far-sightedness and acuity, CEO Cavalier Riccardo Bampi forged a new path in the plumbing systems industry in the 1970s, introducing the first push-fit polypropylene drainage system in Italy. This product is still included in the catalogue today, and plays a central role in the core business of Bampi. The corporate mission of Bampi has always been to facilitate and simplify the job of the heating and plumbing professional,


which it has achieved by insisting on using superior technology solutions. This demands a continuous learning process and a complete understanding of the technical standards and regulations applied in the sector, to contribute effectively to the development of sustainable building practices which also fully satisfy the comfort requisites of even the most exacting clients. Bampi’s logistics and management headquarters are based in Lonato, on the Brescia side of Lake Garda. The Bampi family’s business philosophy, which has always been founded on increasing flexibility in many different processes and activities, has proven to be a strategic advantage over the past decade. There is a close link between the people at work in the market (sales force, sales executives, technical promoters and consultants) and the personnel in key roles in company processes such as: executive design, support and validation for defining project specifications, order management, receiving and shipping goods, packaging, returned materials management and on-site testing and inspection. In a market as challenging and in continuous evolution such as ours, flexibility is a fundamental requisite to maintain profitability throughout the entire value chain - a vital factor in the economic health of any business today. At an organisational level, flexibility also means a partnership model catering for a much broader target market for Bampi than is offered by the traditional relationship between the supplier and client: a market that encompasses system designers, energy consultants, acoustic experts, builders, businesses, property developers, heating and plumbing installers and, last but not least, private customers or, in other terms, the end users who benefit from the comfort made possible by installing Bampi products in their buildings.