“Ti” flush plate: a personalisable decor detail

The “Ti” flush plate meets the criteria for an essential, pure style of modern bathroom design. While maintaining the same uncluttered and attractive lines, the Ti may be specified with a variety of different materials and colours, offering a vast choice of possible combinations. To see for yourself, simply try the “Ti” flush plate configurator function and experiment with the many variants possible, or – for an even more creative touch – upload any image of your own choice to create your own personalised flush plate. Manufactured in ABS, the “Ti” flush plate is available as an all-white base version, or in a wide variety of colour variants with polished or satin finish chrome details. The cover panel of the flush plate may be made from plastic, laminate or methacrylic polymer, which may be printed with your own personalised image or graphics.

“Ti” flush plate: an opportunity for a unique styling touch

The innovative option offered by Bampi to create customised configurations of the flush plate for built-in flush cisterns opens up new opportunities for giving the bathroom a uniquely personal character. In addition to the acoustic comfort ensured by the silent operation of Bampi toilet flush cisterns, the “Ti” flush plate lets you put your own personal mark on the bathroom wall. The freedom to personalise one or more flush plates also offers exclusive potential for interior design in a host of different applications, such as hotels, spas and wellness centres, social housing, public buildings, industry and restaurants. The “Ti” flush plate is personalisable with a “Click and pick” approach: with the configurator tool allowing the customer to define the component in detail to match the style of the bathroom to perfection, and offering even greater scope for expressive freedom. And this capability is accessible to anyone from a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, letting any user personalise the cover of the plate with their own image, logo, photograph or brand.

A wide choice of flush plates and controls

Bampi built-in cisterns are designed to maximise water economy by letting the user decide between different flush volumes depending on necessity. A comprehensive range of flush plates in ABS is available, with a wide choice of different forms, sizes, styles and finishes, while for disabled toilets, a range of wall-mounted (recessed or external) and floor-mounted pneumatic controls is offered.