Install a shower with a flush-fitting floor drain in just a few hours

Technical advances in the design of strainers for in-floor installation under the shower, together with the increasing demand for showers without a traditional ceramic floor pan, have led Bampi to develop and offer the ideal solution for these specific applications. This is a linear drain channel available in 7 different lengths, which is fastened to a low profile floor strainer permitting installation in floor slabs measuring as little as 80 millimetres in thickness. Once the installation is finished with the cladding material of your choice (ceramic, porcelain stoneware, marble tiles, mosaic etc.) or sealed with resin, the only visible part of the water drainage grating is a stainless steel plate just 27 mm in width, which offers easy access to the strainer basket fitted in the trap.

Easy to adjust, and complete with adhesive waterproofing membrane

With special adjustable feet for levelling perfectly and fastening the system to the floor slab, and screws for final adjustment of the drain channel height (once the floor has been definitely tiled), the Bampi flush-fitting floor strainer is extremely simple to assemble and install. The low profile floor strainer swivels by 360° to facilitate connection to the drain. And for a perfectly watertight seal between the floor cladding and the floor slab, a special adhesive membrane in highly elastic butyl rubber is available as an accessory for the floor strainer. The side of the membrane applied to the flat side of the ABS grating holder is coated with a high strength, permanent adhesive, and cannot be removed once applied.

The importance of having your installation done properly

When installing an in-floor strainer basket for collecting and draining water in a shower, three fundamental conditions must be met to ensure successful results: firstly, the strainer itself must be suitably sized for the flow rate of the drain and to ensure that water is drained quickly, secondly, adequate waterproofing must be installed (with waterproofing membranes or specific waterproofing treatments) and, lastly, the gradient of the floor leading to the water drain grate must be correct. Every stage in the installation must therefore be performed by persons with the necessary technical skills and meeting the requisites defined by applicable legislation and standards. Note that, irrespective of their intended use, all applications in installations within buildings are subject to Italian Ministerial Decree 37 of 2008, which requires that the installation is realised in compliance with proper working practices and also requires a declaration of conformity for the installation itself.