Specialised in producing PVC membranes for showers and bathtubs for over 20 years

Bampi has been designing and manufacturing in-floor traps adhesive-bonded to impermeable membranes in PVC for over two decades. This technical solution (with the parts hand-assembled in the factory by specialised personnel) has made it possible to produce floor drains for bathtubs, showers, balconies, floors slabs and a variety of other floors in residential, industrial, office and commercial buildings. Bampi offers a choice of three different floor grate designs.

The option of tailor-made membranes for traps

In addition to the products listed in the catalogue, waterproof membranes may be requested in specific formats, with custom-defined trap positions and, if necessary, multiple traps. The 1 mm thick PVC membrane consists of polyvinyl chloride containing no inert filler and enriched with plasticiser for superior flexibility and extended durability. The stainless steel drain box measures 120x120 mm and can accommodate round drain grilles in stainless steel available with three different designs.

A superior quality, reliable solution for built-in bathtubs

Built-in bathtubs require a grate with a plug connected to a trap with a safety overflow system. The very nature of a built-in installation means that it is particularly important to ensure that the right measures are used to protect the structure itself against water infiltration. This is why Bampi offers complete waterproofing kits for floor drains installed together with a built-in bathtub, with a trap complete with overflow connection and a square grate in 3 mm thick stainless steel with pop-up plug.