Materials with superior technical properties increase application possibilities

Over the past several years the POLO-KAL NG has attained certification permitted its use in an astonishing 10 different discharge and drainage applications. For some of these applications (such as fume extraction, CMV air treatment systems and extraction from kitchen hoods), as well as meeting specific standards for seal tightness and insulation, it has also been necessary to design a number of special items that had never existed before in a conventional water drainage system. This has led Bampi to significantly increase the flexibility of its production processes, making it possible to manufacture effectively made-to-measure products. The capabilities of the thermo-bonding process combined with the superior quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturer of POLO-KAL NG pipes and fittings now allow Bampi to create special fittings for installing discharge and drainage systems in complete safety, with push-fit fittings for rapid installation and with superior noise insulation properties.

Solve problems caused by gradients, movement and non-standard bends with POLO-KAL NG fittings

Special fittings for the POLO-KAL NG soundproofed drainage system are generally made to cater for non-standard installation conditions rather than for special design requisites or client requests. This is a unique opportunity allowing installers and designers to solve a host of problems that would otherwise complicate the job significantly. The catalogue of the POLO-KAL NG range is now the most extensive and complete on the market, with diameters from 32 to 250 mm and products that can be used in 10 different fields of application with superior low temperature mechanical strength, among the best soundproofing performance available today, class-beating quality founded on over 20 years of manufacturing experience, and a 20 year warranty against manufacturing defects.