A successful business is built by exploring hidden and rarely followed paths


  Over the past 40 years, Bampi has contributed significantly to the way heating and plumbing systems are designed and installed. Bampi has built its expertise by broadening the horizons of knowledge of its product and through continuous technological progress. Bampi offers consulting services and solutions for applications in three distinct fields: water drainage, water distribution and radiant heating and cooling systems. Between the 1980s and ‘90s, Bampi conceived and then implemented a strategy to raise awareness of the issue of acoustic comfort. And there have been countless success stories over the years, where the support offered by Bampi in the form of training and accreditation and practical assistance for installation, has proven invaluable for many heating and plumbing professionals. 


 There can be no question that changing opinions among clients in favour of buildings with superior noise insulation characteristics, combined with the support of standards for the qualitative classification of buildings, have accelerated and validated the success of Bampi. Today, the soundproofed pipes and fittings in the Bampi catalogue are not only used in their traditional field of drainage systems, but have also found new and exclusive application possibilities. This is the case of the POLO-KAL NG system, which since 2010 has been the only system in Europe certified for use in an astonishing 10 different discharge, drainage and ducting applications in buildings. The heating and plumbing solutions offered by Bampi are complemented by a suite of consulting, assistance, design and aftersales support services, which ensure that these systems continue to deliver the superlative reliability proven every single day by plumbing installers and professionals in a sector of crucial importance for the global economy – the building industry.