Bampi polypropylene – A dependable ally for 40 years

Four decades since its introduction on the Italian market, the BAMPLAST push-fit polypropylene drain system still boasts the same superlative levels of quality and reliability as always. Resistant to a wide spectrum of substances contained in transportable fluids which are potentially corrosive to other materials, the BAMPLAST drainage system is certified compliant with the international standard EN 1451 for piping systems for waste water discharge within buildings and for rainwater drainage. And as it is also certified for transporting high temperature water, the BAMPLAST system of special pipes and fittings can also be used for vent stacks for drainage systems. Easy to work with, light and strong, the BAMPLAST system with push-fit fittings (with a single lip gasket forming a watertight seal) makes waste water drainage systems quicker to install, with more reliable results.

Reinforced pipes and a wide range of fittings

The BAMPLAST waste water drainage system consists of multilayer polypropylene pipes which, with self-extinguishing properties, a very uniform structure and superior elasticity, can be repaired with a thermo-bonding process in the event of damage (such as accidental perforation when drilling). While the outer surface of the product is coloured the classic grey of PP pipes, the interior is completely white and smooth, improving visibility to make video inspection easier and quicker.


The BAMPLAST polypropylene system offers a range of standard diameters (compatible with other drain systems on the market today) from 32/40/50 mm for branches up to 160 mm for drain stacks. All the fitting configurations needed for special cases are also available, with a wide choice of bend angles, as well as fittings for connecting to pipework in other materials such as PVC, PE-HD and cast iron.

Standard dimensions and the importance of correct installation

PPBamplast_Bancale_tubi_Bampi.jpg     The BAMPLAST polypropylene waste water drainage system falls within the class of products for the drainage of low and high temperature effluent water and for drain system ventilation defined in the technical standard UNI EN 12056-2:200, which regulates the design and sizing of these systems. Part 3 of this standard defines the criteria for designing and determining the dimensions of rainwater drainage systems within buildings – an application for which the BAMPLAST system is also certified. While this system of special pipes and fittings offers many significant technical, practical and economic advantages, it is still crucial that installers understand and implement the basic concepts for correct installation given in the technical manual accompanying the BAMPLAST system. This information is also available in the SYSTEM DESIGN section of this website, in the part addressing ACOUSTIC INSULATION.