BCLEAN personal hygiene

BCLEAN personal hygiene

In the design of the READY line for the COMBY and HEAVY series of frames exclusively supplied to the BSILENT soundproof toilet cistern, the widest possibility of predisposition for water and electrical connections was developed. The concept of predisposition allows the designer or client to have the toilet cistern installed on the wall, while maintaining all the comfort, design and hygiene options that a user can choose once the property has been purchased. The provision of predispositions does not affect the installation of the toilet cistern, even if the choices of those who will buy the property are ignored at the time of wall mounting. This freedom of choice raises the value of the property and gives the bathroom a greater option of customization and satisfaction of needs.

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The optimal solution to have a silent and multifunctional toilet

The READY COMBY and READY HEAVY frames pre-assembled on the BSILENT toilet cistern are equipped with predispositions for water and electrical connection to systems that allow intimate hygiene without the aid of a bidet in the bathroom. That is, the possibility of installing a smart seat / bidet or an integrated multifunctional toilet on the toilet bowl, or a hydrobrush for cleaning the toilet. The plumbing installer put the BSILENT cistern on the READY frame, arranging (in agreement with the electrician) the connection with corrugated pipe between the READY frame and the switch box. This will subsequently allow the installation of multifunctional toilet seats or bowls, that is, able to guarantee, via remote control, the possibility of use for:

  • intimate hygiene (whasing and drying) 
  • control of flow 
  • water temperature regulation for intimate hygiene 
  • seat heating

Many of the respiratory problems are related to the lack of air exchange inside homes. Take a closer look at the causes that determine the unhealthiness of the house. Through proper design rules and regulations it will be possible to achieve the long-awaited well-being.

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