Bampi, thanks to many years of experience in soundproofing drainage systems, has developed the innovative BSILENT toilet cistern. Today the market offers toilet bowls and cisterns that combine design, elegance, electronic technology, multifunctionality and water saving. BSILENT adds acoustic comfort to these features! The noise has always been a concern for all producers and a nuisance for users but today with this new technology, unique of its kind, it has been possible to solve everything without forgetting safety, modernity, style and class that everyone wants to find in their own bathroom.

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An experience of acoustic comfort never experienced before

The technical and commercial success of the Magnetic fill valve is the driving force behind the BSILENT project. Bampi, thanks to its many years of experience in the acoustic insulation of drainage systems, has developed an innovative toilet cistern. BSILENT is the result of careful research on materials and application technologies. BSILENT is a unique solution of its kind, which guarantees the end user multiple advantages, never before obtained in toilet flushing and never at such high levels of performance.

BSILENT Isolante Acustico Isolmant Bampi
The partnership with ISOLMANT

To offer the market a technically advanced product, it is necessary to take a step forward and do so by involving the experience and professionalism of others. Several partners have been involved around the BSILENT project and have accepted the invitation to collaborate with Bampi. Among these collaborations, we mention Isolmant, a company based in Milan specialized in the production of insulating materials for construction. From Isolmant’s experience in thermal / acoustic insulation, we have come to conceive and produce a special insulating cover for the PE casing of the BSILENT cistern.

BSILENT Risparmio Idrico CassettaWC Bampi
An ecologically recommended toilet flush

 Every Italian consumes on average between 100 and 150 liters of water per day. Of these, almost 50% are “wasted” using toilet cisterns. With the BSILENT double flush control it is possible to reduce the daily water consumption per capita to just 10/15 liters.

The acoustic test campaign

In January 2018, acoustic tests were performed on the innovative BSILENT concealed cistern and at the same time comparative measurements were carried out on all the fill valve models applied for about 95% to the flush cisterns installed in Italy. The on-site tests aimed at demonstrating the behavior of the BSILENT toilet cistern in two specific installation conditions: embedded in a plastered perforated wall and inside a light structure with plasterboard panels. The attention of the engineers responsible for carrying out these acoustic measurements focused on the noise detected during the water filling phase of the toilet cistern. Hence the reason for the acoustic checks on the various fill valves, all tested under the same conditions: depending on toilet cistern used in the tests, built-in installation method in plastered bricks and values.

BSILENT Comparazione Rumorosita Galleggianti CassetteWC Bampi
The technical conditions of the tests

The graphs represent comparisons between measurements performed under the same conditions. The measurements were carried out in accordance with UNI 8199 by positioning the sound level meter in the sound detection room at a height of 85 cm from the ground and at a distance of 50 cm from the sound emitting wall. The data are A-weighted sound levels, acquired with Fast time constant and normalized with the reverberation time of the room (LAF, nT).

BSILENT Valori Acustici Installazione Pareti Bampi
BSILENT: the first in terms of clarity of data!

The soundproofing level of BSILENT is guaranteed by tests carried out not in the laboratory by Bampi technicians, but in real and easily comparable environmental conditions, with the supervision of third party technicians qualified in acoustics and with proven experience. Therefore, the end user with BSILENT will have in their bathroom a toilet flushing system compliant with the acoustic requirement *. This guarantee prevents the operators of the construction sector from having any possible legal dispute. Furthermore, BSILENT allows the end user to choose the flush control plate from a wide range of models with different finishing, design, color and actuation system. But there is more. If, with the cistern installed, the end user wishes to mount a different plate or even one of another brand, with BSILENT it will be possible to fulfill this request!

(*) The BSILENT values ​​were measured in LAF, nT in accordance with UNI 8199

Application conditions and characteristics of BSILENT
  • For floor-standing toilet 
  • For installation in masonry walls 
  • For front wall mounting 
  • For installation in lightweight plasterboard walls 
  • Front operation 
  • For two quantity flush 
  • PE-HD blow molded cistern with anti-crushing reinforcements 
  • Cistern lined with thermal and acoustic insulation by ISOLMANT 
  • Adjustable flush pipe +2 cm. -1 cm. 
  • Water connection from top left side 
  • Electrical connection from the top right side 
  • Silent MAGNETIC fill valve (10 Db) 
  • Tool-free installation and maintenance

Learn more about the Italian regulation and discover the technical rules for a correct design and installation with no noise objection. To avoid noise disturbances and improve living comfort, nothing should be left to chance!

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