Shower Channel

Shower Channel

Whatever the type of building intervention, for the construction of a new bathroom or in the case of its renovation, solutions that do not include the classic shower tray are increasingly adopted for the shower compartment. These are the so-called floor-level showers. In this regard, Bampi proposes a series of items, with stainless steel grids with a clean and rigorous design, which allow you to create showers that maintain the same height as the floor, thus obtaining a pleasant and innovative finishing effect for the bathroom, without any “architectural barrier”. The shower channels available are divided into 2 types: floor and wall.

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dati dimensionali filo pavimento canalina doccia
Dimensional data of the shower channels
S Canalina Lineare Doccia Parete Bampi
Wall shower channel

An interesting solution to position the channel in contact with the wall of the shower compartment. Composed of a removable chromed stainless steel plate and a polypropylene siphon drain with a maximum flow rate of 62 l / m and lowered with a 50 mm diameter adjustable outlet

Application scope

Device with ABS or PP body, with lowered siphon drains and stainless steel grid. The items are not equipped with a cloth or other support for waterproofing the shower compartment; it will be the installer who will carry out the work (through insulating sheaths or special insulation mixtures) while creating the appropriate slope of the floor where the water collection grid is located. All the devices provided for the collection of waste water in the use of the discharge units, as required by the UNI 12056-2: 2001 standard, can be used for systems in residential, industrial and commercial, public and hospitality buildings such as hospitals, rest homes and nursing homes, hotels, schools, places of worship.

dati dimensionali filo parete canalina doccia
Attention to correct installation in a workmanlike manner

In the case of a drain embedded in a floor that collects water during the operation of a shower, it is important to take into account 3 fundamental elements for the success of the work:

  • a drain suitable for the discharge water flow and the correct and rapid flow;
  • careful care in the implementation of waterproofing (using insulating sheaths or special insulation mixtures);
  • an appropriate slope of the floor towards the water collection grid.

It is important to remember that all installation phases must be carried out by personnel with the essential technical skills and in possession of the requirements of the laws and regulations in force in Italy. In fact, in the design and installation of systems built inside buildings, regardless of the intended use, Ministerial Decree no. 37 of 2008 which requires compliance with the rules of art and the declaration of conformity of what has been achieved.

Operating characteristics and performance
  • Body in ABS or PP
  • Lowered siphon in PP
  • Removable stainless steel channel grid
  • Channel widths: 130-600-700-800-900-1000-1100-1200 mm.
  • Minimum / maximum heights: 85/120 mm
  • Adjustable discharge outlet for connection to DN 50 mm.
  • Discharge flow rate equal to 62 liters / minute
  • 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Learn more about the Italian regulation and discover the technical rules for a correct design and installation with no noise objection. To avoid noise disturbances and improve living comfort, nothing should be left to chance!

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