The multilayer pipes composed of Polyethylene and Aluminum have multiple performance values ​​and ensure significant advantages during installation: safety, manageability, reliability, speed of installation. The BALPEXGAS range from Bampi offers diameters of 16, 20, 26, and 32 mm. combined with heavy brass fittings and stainless steel bushing with press joint (TH profile). La gamma BALPEXGAS è supportata da una serie di ACCESSORI e ATTREZZATURE per la corretta posa a regola d’arte.

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GAS supply system with yellow pipes (available in 5-meter rolls and bars) marked MOP 0.5 GAS which certify its approval for the domestic distribution of GAS and LPG according to the requirements of UNI TS 11344. The system BALPEXGAS in compliance with UNI GIG 7129: 2015 (Design, construction, testing and reconstruction of systems, or part of them, made with multilayer metal-plastic pipes) in accordance with UNI TS 11343, is suitable for GAS distribution networks in buildings for residential, industrial and commercial, public and hospitality purposes such as hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes, hotels, schools, places of worship.

Design instructions

The standard reference in force in Italy for the design, construction and testing of a domestic and extra-domestic GAS distribution network is UNI CIG 7129: 2015 in accordance with UNI TS 11343. With respect to the construction of systems inside buildings, regardless of the intended use, Ministerial Decree N ° 37 of 2008 must be applied, which requires compliance with the rules of the art and the declaration of conformity of what has been achieved. All stages must therefore be carried out by personnel with the necessary technical skills and in possession of the requisites established by laws and regulations in force.

Installation method

Simple to install thanks to the malleability of the PEX/AL/PEX pipe and the speed with which the fittings are joined mechanically (press-fitting), with the use of special electrical equipment. The pipe-fitting seal is guaranteed by NBR O-rings mounted on the brass body of the fitting covered by a stainless steel bushing.

Special conditions

In the case of wall building-in and underground installation and in any case in any condition a protective coating of the pipe is mandatory in accordance with UNI CIG 7129, the BALPEXGAS multilayer pipes can be supplied with external pre-insulation consisting of a PVC sheath in Ø 16-20. -26 mm. Otherwise, fixed PVC sheaths or PP extensible sheaths are available; self-extinguishing yellow materials, applicable to pipes with Ø 16-20-26-32-40 mm.

Operating characteristics and performance
  • Multilayer pipes composed of 2 layers of polyethylene and 1 (intermediate) layer of aluminum
  • Pre-insulation made with a fixed PVC sheath
  • Brass fittings with protected NBR O-ring stainless steel bushing for mechanical pressing jaws with TH profile
  • Longitudinal “butt-welded” aluminium
  • Maximum operating pressure 8bar) MOP 0.5
  • Minimum operating temperature equal to -20 ° C
  • Maximum operating temperature equal to + 70 ° C
  • Internal roughness of 0.007 mm.
  • Diameters of 16-20-26 mm.
  • 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects

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