The use of FONOdBAM is necessary with brick, poroton, concrete type infill walls, with a mass of at least 80-100 Kg / m² (Rw≥25dB). The drain column (element that bears the greatest hydraulic load and is more subject to intense and significant acoustic effects) can be entirely insulated with FONOdBAM, a single-layer polyethylene anti-vibration sheath. The elastic sheath is supplied in rolls and is applied as a sort of “sock” to the tube, while for the fittings (branches and elbows) a special tape is used, packaged in rolls and made of the same material. Nel caso in cui la parete di tamponamento sia inferiore agli 80 Kg / m² si consiglia l’uso di lastra fonoimpedente FONECOdBAM .

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