Fire Resistant Band

Fire Resistant Band

It is a multilayer strip consisting of an external covering of glass fiber fabric with ecological bio-soluble felt between two layers of graphite-based heat-expandable double gasket. The use of this EI 180 thermo-expanding band (EN 1366-3) is recommended in all those cases in which it is not possible (basically for reasons of space) to apply fire stop collars. The fire strip is used to fill the free space between the structural element (floor or wall) and all combustible pipes in plastic material such as PP / PE-HD / PVC / ABS.

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Installation method

Also in the case of the EI 180 fire barrier (EN 1366-3) the fire barrier principle is the same as the sleeves: at the moment of the spread of flames, the intumescent material expands until it completely seals the hole through which the pipe passes for a maximum time of 180 minutes. For this reason, in the installation phase, it is important to carefully and completely fill the space between the structural element (floor or wall) and the external surface of the plastic pipe.


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