WFM WC Frame

WFM WC Frame

In the ceramic sanitaryware market, the offer of floor-standing toilet bowls that can be installed flush with the wall has reached an important variety of models. Compared to the suspended toilet bowls, the flush-to-wall floor models do not have standard hole sizes (the holes refer to the coupling of the flushing pipe from the toilet cistern and to the outlet of the discharge pipe from the toilet bowl) and therefore the plumbing installer may find himself in difficulty with conventional frames because he is not – at the time of wall installation of the toilet cistern – aware of the type of toilet bowl that will then be chosen by the end user.

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WFM frame, the ideal solution for installing the BSILENT soundproof cistern with any floor-to-wall toilet bowl

The X and Y dimensions involve the concealed cistern. These 2 dimensions and the relationship between them vary according to the type of floor-to-wall toilet. With the WFM BSILENT frame it is possible to intervene to adjust the correct center distances, even after the cistern has been bricked up. The simple operation takes place by means of the vertical scroll of a special plate prefixed to the frame which allows the correct entry of the DN 90 drainage pipe to the toilet bowl. Also for a possible correction of the entrance of the flush pipe to the toilet bowl, it is possible to intervene on a pre-cut part of the sheet metal frame of the cistern to fulfill the necessary vertical adjustment.

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Application conditions and characteristics of WFM BSILENT
  • For back to wall WC
  • For installation in masonry walls
  • For mounting in front of the wall
  • For installation in lightweight plasterboard walls
  • Front operation
  • For two quantity flush
  • PE-HD blow molded cistern with anti-crushing reinforcements
  • Cistern lined with thermal and acoustic insulation by ISOLMANT
  • Adjustable flush pipe +2 cm. -1 cm.
  • Water connection from top left side
  • Electrical connection from the top right side
  • Silent MAGNETIC fill valve (10 dB)
  • Tool-free installation and maintenance
  • WFM frame color RAL 5014 POLO-KAL NG
  • Side flaps for fixing to the front and rear walls
  • Height-adjustable wc bend support
  • Technical bend mountable without tools
  • Acoustically insulated technical bend fixing

Learn more about the Italian regulation and discover the technical rules for a correct design and installation with no noise objection. To avoid noise disturbances and improve living comfort, nothing should be left to chance!

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