WAVE NO TOUCH Electronic Plate

WAVE NO TOUCH Electronic Plate

Beautiful, original, innovative. The WAVE toilet flush control plate has a rigorous, clean and adaptable design to any style of bathroom furniture. Combined with the BSILENT and ANDROMEDA PLUS concealed toilet cisterns prepared for electrical connection, the WAVE plate adapts to the tastes and habits of its users. Through extremely intuitive functions, the user customizes colors, quantity of water to discharge, assistance lights in the dark, water and energy savings: all this without touching the plate!

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One or more controls, without touch!

The NO TOUCH concept applied to a toilet flush control plate gives a further value of hygiene and healthiness in the bathroom. The WAVE plate is equipped with a capacitive sensor that reads the movement of the user remotely and in proximity, allowing you to program and manage many flushing, lighting and comfort functions.

Easy and exclusive: this is WAVE!

Made of tempered glass that guarantees absolute protection, safety and aesthetic performance, the WAVE plate is available in black and white, while the chromatic variety allowed for the LED lights is of 5 colors: red, green, blue, yellow and white. The plate operates with an operating voltage of 6V DC (IP 54 protection degree) and can be connected to the building’s electrical network or otherwise powered by a battery.

Application conditions and characteristics of the WAVE plate
  • For private and partially public environments
  • For two quantity flush
  • For masonry and plasterboard walls
  • For BSILENT, ANDROMEDA PLUS and third-party cisterns manufacturers 
  • Front mounting
  • Contactless manual flushing operation
  • LED lighting during rinsing (reading field 3 cm.)
  • Led colors settable in 5 different chromatic effects
  • Presence detector (IR sensor)
  • Automatic rinse can be activated (baby function)
  • Ambient light sensor (night function)
  • Silent flush can be activated (night function)
  • Adjustable flush adjustment (4-2 / 6-3 / 9-4.5 Liters) short / medium / long
  • IP67 connectors
  • Front plate with safety lock
  • Battery powered with an autonomy of about 60 days (only the basic functions activated)
  • Charge level indicator LED
  • Rechargeable batteries via external connector
  • Plate dimensions in mm: L264xH171xP4

What's more beautiful than keeping the energy consumption of our indoor systems under control? Find out how technology has allowed us to manage, program and control the operation of our systems. Maybe via a tablet, a PC or a smartphone… Why not!?

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