MAGNETIC Universal silent fill valve

MAGNETIC Universal silent fill valve

In the field of sanitary systems, Bampi has always paid extreme attention to the noises caused by drainage systems and the flush of the WC bowls has always proved particularly difficult to isolate acoustically. Only through the experiences carried out alongside acoustic technicians and verifying the behavior of the drainage systems on site, it was possible to design and implement a solution capable of significantly reducing the noises caused by the flushing cisterns. We are talking about MAGNETIC: a universal soundproof fill valve. Let’s go in order. Fill valve is the term used to identify the component that determines the noise generated during the water load. Soundproof, because no one has ever managed to drastically reduce water filling noises, increasing the longevity of operation of a toilet cistern fill valve. Universal because MAGNETIC is the only fill valve that can actually be installed in all toilet flush cisterns.

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The toilet flushing is a source of considerable noises

Among the major annoyances and disagreements that occur in the home and in the coexistence of tenants, there are the noises of the toilet flush. It is not just about tolerance, but above all about respecting a principle enshrined in rules and laws to protect our well-being. Having a toilet cistern in the bathroom that does not cause any acoustic disturbance at the time of its operation (especially at night during rest), should not be a desire, but a right! With the exclusive MAGNETIC soundproofed fill valve mounted in the cisterns, silence is normal. Anytime, anywhere and anyway.

How many fill valves can boast this silence?

When installing a cistern in your home, ask what level of maximum noise the fill valve installed in it can produce. With the advent of the MAGNETIC fill valve, many have begun to ask this question. Not only because people have been able to appreciate the silence of MAGNETIC, but above all because for the first time a company has performed and published noise tests on a fill valve in place. MAGNETIC has been tested in the laboratories of the LGA institute in Nuremberg, in Germany, in accordance with DIN 4109 (the German standard for establishing the acoustic requirements of products used in construction), obtaining a value equal to 10 decibels with 3 bars of water pressure.

Application conditions and characteristics of the MAGNETIC fill valve
  • For ceramic cisterns with lateral water connection
  • For plastic cisterns with lateral water connection
  • Compatible with “New Generation” built-in cisterns from third party manufacturers
  • 3/8 “thread (brass and plastic) for water connection
  • For drinking water
  • Magnet closure system
  • Adjustable filling height
  • Anti-collision spacer
  • Anti-impurity filter
  • Dimensions in mm: L100xH220xP60

Learn more about the Italian regulation and discover the technical rules for a correct design and installation with no noise objection. To avoid noise disturbances and improve living comfort, nothing should be left to chance!

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