Aware of its role as a technical discloser and of the authority acquired after more than 20 years of meetings with designers and operators in the building and plumbing and heating supply chain, Bampi SpA has its own permanent training center.
The ABC Academy Bampi Center is located in Lonato del Garda, 400 meters from the Bampi Headquarters.


The spaces intended for training provided by Bampi are located in a building which was adequate and redeveloped in 2018 for this specific use. The building houses the following rooms and services:

4 ABC Academy Center Bampi
Training room with 45 seats

equipped with the following air conditioning system:

  • 2 Air treatment Units
  • 4 Isothermal Dehumidification Systems
  • Centralized Air Exchange with efficiencies over 90%
  • Cross-flow heat recovery
  • Remote management with SMARTOUCH supervision system

Interactive multimedia technology
Complete availability of ultra-fast connectivity (WI-FI / SAT / DIGITAL TV)
Vertical soundproofed technical compartment H = 6Mt. for acoustic test on waste columns
Ample parking inside / outside the building

Technical demonstration room with sets set up for:
  • Check and acoustic comparison of toilet flush cisterns
  • Acoustic check and comparison on water fill and flush valves
  • Acoustic check and comparison on drainage pipes

Mechanical resistance test bench on drainage pipes
Test bench for use of equipment for water distribution

Radiant system demonstration room and laboratory prepared for:

  • 10 different radiation systems
  • Heating & cooling function
  • Isothermal dehumidification + integration
  • Centralized air exchange with performance greater than 93%
  • POLO-KAL NG air ducts and visible used material
7 ABC Academy Center Bampi
AcuMecaTronic B-Lab with instrumentation set up for:
  • Measurements of flow rate and pressure drop of manifolds, pipes and other components
  • Acoustic tests in anechoic chamber on manifolds, dehumidifiers, VMC and others
  • Tests and simplified regulation simulation not connected SMARTHEATING and SMARTCOOLING 
  • Tests and evolved regulation simulation connected SMARTOUCH 
  • Functional tests of EFOS manifold heads with manual operation 
  • Functional tests of EGO manifold heads with manually operated variable flow rate 
  • Operation tests, disassembly / reassembly of dehumidifiers and VMC

Thermo-refrigeration centralized unit made to measure:

  • For training room, entrance hall, demonstration room and laboratories 
  • Efficiency of the existing wall-mounted natural gas generator with a new heat pump

The training courses offered by Bampi within the ABC Academy Bampi Center are aimed at a target of professionals in the building and plumbing sector, including: Engineers, Architects, Experts, Thermotechnicians, Sales operators, Builders, Real estate agents, plumbing and electrical installers.

Topics covered in the field of WATER DRAINAGE
  • The role of drainage systems in buildings 
  • The regulatory framework in Italy on passive acoustic requirements of buildings 
  • Technical standards for the correct design of systems 
  • Good practice of laying drainage systems 
  • Characteristics of drainage systems and solutions
Topics covered in the field of WC FLUSH
  • The acoustic impact of toilet cisterns 
  • Results of acoustic tests performed on site on toilet cisterns 
  • Good practice of laying toilet flush cisterns 
  • Type and characteristics of the solutions proposed for built-in and external installation 
  • Innovative solutions for the Evolved Bathroom
Topics covered in the field of WATER SUPPLY
  • The role of water distribution systems in buildings 
  • Technical standards for the correct design of systems 
  • Good practice of laying water supply systems 
  • Types and characteristics of the solutions proposed in PEX / AL / PEX and PP Random 
  • Pipe + Fitting connection systems: press, compression, welding.
Topics covered in the field of RADIANT HEATING and COOLING
  • Comfort of floor / wall / ceiling radiant systems compared to radiator and fan coil systems 
  • The problems caused by the diffusion of oxygen in “All-plastic” multilayer pipes 
  • Smartouch system for the management and integrated remote management of indoor systems 
  • Good practice of laying floor / wall / ceiling radiant systems 
  • Characteristics of radiant systems, their components and related accessories
Ultimi Corsi

Being a guest of the ABC Academy Bampi Center does not only mean being able to increase your training background in the plumbing and heating field, but it means living an experience. A moment of exchange and sharing that passes from the professional level to the human level. This is why in Bampi we have thought of a whole series of recreational / cultural opportunities with the desire to leave our guests with an indelible memory of their experience in the Academy.

  • Navigation on Lake Garda
  • Food and wine tours
  • Kart race
  • Walks on the shores of Lake Garda
  • Typical dinners
  • Events and shows
where we are

The ABC Academy Bampi Center is located in Lonato del Garda, 400 meters from the Bampi Headquarter.

Via Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, 4 – 25017 Lonato del Garda (BS)

8 ABC Academy Center Bampi