Incorrect ventilation of the drainage system inside a building can cause positive and negative pressure effects within the system. The consequences of these effects are rather annoying and well known to all of us because they are still easily found today in many homes. The first is an acoustic effect, the classic gurgling noise, audible when the water contained inside the siphon (the so-called hydraulic guard) assumes an abrupt oscillatory movement due to the depression of air generated inside the drainage system, thus causing the suction effect. The second and most unpleasant effect is of a sanitary nature. If the depression is quite significant, prolonged or repeated over time, the water level inside the siphon is lowered so much as to allow the passage of bad smells. This step not only has an unpleasant effect on our sense of smell, but from the point of view of health it causes health risks by allowing bacteria to enter the living environment.

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Principles of operation

BAMVENT-110 is an innovative and effective solution to allow the correct and timely supply of air to the drainage system, avoiding having to get the column or other duct outside of the building. Inside the valve there are 2 membranes that let the air in into the drainage system only in the presence of depressive effects generated during the evacuation of waste. Once the depressive effect has ceased, the membranes return to their rest position without any mechanical support, effectively closing the access or escape of air. The ventilation unit has a capacity of 32 liters of air per second and, once installed, does not require maintenance.

Application scope

ABS device for the ventilation of the wastewater drainage system compliant with EN 12380 and suitable as required by the UNI 12056-2: 2001 standard for systems in residential, industrial and commercial, public and receptive buildings such as hospitals, retirement homes and RSA, hotels, schools, places of worship. The BAMVENT-110 aid admission valve can be installed inside and outside the building in a whole series of application situations: inside a technical shaft, in the attic, on the outside roof, on the terrace, in the masonry with special built-in box equipped with grid for air intake.

Design instructions

The BAMVENT-110 air admission valve follows the design prescription as per reference standard UNI EN 12056-2: 2001. Due to the calculation flow determined by the project, the BAMVENT-110 valve ensures a maximum flow rate of 32 liters / second of air.

possibilita applicative valvola bamvent
Installation method

Equipped with a special clamp, the BAMVENT-110 valve can only be mounted in a vertical position on pipes with a diameter of 75, 90 and 110 mm. Simple to install, the valve can be installed on waste stacks of any plastic or metal material. It is advisable to always provide a possibility of access to the device for any inspection needs, despite the fact that the product does not require maintenance. In case of exposure to UV rays or bad weather, a special aluminum protective cover must be mounted.

Operating characteristics and performance
  • ABS valve with internal silicone membranes and rubber clamp for pipe connection
  • Dimensions: L195xP120xH138 mm.
  • Air flow equal to 32 liters / second with 250 Pa
  • Minimum pressure required for opening equal to -70 Pa
  • Air tightness tested with values of 30/500/10000 Pa
  • Temperature limits from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • Connection to pipes with diameters of 75-90-110 mm.
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Many of the respiratory problems are related to the lack of air exchange inside homes. Take a closer look at the causes that determine the unhealthiness of the house. Through proper design rules and regulations it will be possible to achieve the long-awaited well-being.

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