The multilayer pipes composed of Polyethylene and Aluminum have multiple performance values and ensure significant advantages during installation. The BALPEX range from Bampi offers diameters of 16, 18, 20, 26, 32, 40, 50 and 63 mm. combined with different ranges of fittings according to the joining method:

  • Lightweight brass and steel Press fittings “multi-profile” series LP
  • Heavy brass and steel Press fittings “TH profile” series MP
  • Compression brass fittings series BL

The BALPEX range is supported by a series of ACCESSORIES and EQUIPMENT for correct installation in a workmanlike manner.

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System for the water supply of sanitary systems, high temperature heating systems, underfloor heating and cooling systems, compliant with UNI EN ISO 21003: 2009. The BALPEX system is also suitable for chilled water transport systems in accordance with UNI EN ISO 12241: 2009, compressed air lines, irrigation systems, as well as for the transport of drinking fluids in accordance with the provisions of the Ministerial Decree 174 of 6 April 2004. The BALPEX system is suitable for plumbing and heating distribution networks in residential, industrial and commercial, public and hospitality buildings such as hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes, hotels, schools, places of worship.

Design instructions

For the correct designing of a plumbing and heating distribution network with the use of the BALPEX system, knowing the available flow rate and the length to be covered, it is good to consider the following factors:

  • Pressure loss of pipe and fittings
  • Linear expansion
  • Coating thickness of the tube
Installation method

Simple to install thanks to the malleability of the PEX/AL/PEX pipe and the speed with which the fittings are joined, either by pressing with special equipment, or by manually tightening. The pipe-fitting seal is guaranteed by rubber O-rings mounted on the brass body of the fitting covered by a stainless steel sleeve in the case of the press-fitting joint, or covered by a brass nut in the case of the compression joint. WARNING: remember that in the case of compression fittings they cannot be put on the ground or in the wall.

Special conditions

BALPEX multilayer pipes can be supplied with external pre-insulation up to Ø 32 mm. for all those uses where it is necessary to minimize winter and summer heat loss. For heating, plumbing and sanitary systems and for the transport of chilled water, the thicknesses of the insulating coating applied to BALPEX pipes comply with what is indicated in Table 1 of Annex B of Presidential Decree 412/93 (in implementation of article 4 paragraph 4 of Law 10/91) with reference to “pipes within structures that do not face either outside or on unheated rooms”. In order to avoid condensation phenomena it is however necessary to consult the thermo-technical designer for the calculation of the suitable thicknesses based on the specific laying and operating conditions.

Operating characteristics and performance
  • Multilayer pipes composed of 2 layers of polyethylene with silane crosslinking (PE-Xb) or with electron beam crosslinking (PE-Xc) and 1 layer of aluminum that acts as an oxygen barrier
  • Pre-insulation made with expanded polyethylene coating and anti-scratch film, with thermal conductivity coefficient at 40 ° C equal to 0.0397 W / mK, self-extinguishing fire reaction in Class 1, thermal resistance from -45 ° C to + 95 ° C
  • Brass fittings with protected NBR O-ring stainless steel bush for the pressing joint, or protected by a brass nut for the manual compressing joint
  • Maximum operating temperature equal to 95 ° C
  • Maximum temporary temperature equal to 110 ° C
  • Maximum operating pressure equal to 10 bar
  • Minimum operating temperature (for refrigeration systems) equal to 6 ° C
  • Internal roughness of 0.007 mm.
  • Thermal conductivity equal to 0.025 mm / mK
  • Diffusion of oxygen equal to 0% mg / l
  • Diameters of 16-18-20-26-32-40-50-63 mm.
  • 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects

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