Since 1990 the first sound-absorbing system that adopted the “mass / spring / mass” principle applying it to a polypropylene (PP) drainage pipe in white RAL 7035. A range with diameters from 75 to 160 mm. composed of 3-layer coextruded pipes with an intermediate layer in “Porolen” (a particular and patented rubber-like material) and fittings reinforced with mineral fillers (MV) which give the system the highest acoustic insulation performance, impact resistance, corrosion, abrasion and aggression of dissolved chemical substances in civil and industrial waste.

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Application scope

Waste drainage system compliant with EN 1451-1 in Class B (inside the building) suitable for systems in buildings where high acoustic comfort is required for residential, industrial and commercial, public and receptive use such as hospitals, homes rest and nursing homes, hotels, schools, places of worship.

Prestazioni acustiche
Design instructions

The POLO-KAL 3S water drainage system can be designed according to the requirements of the design reference standard UNI EN 12056-2. According to these requirements, pipes and fittings from the POLO-KAL 3S system or other drainage systems offered by Bampi and, alternatively, BAMVENT ventilation valves can be used for the ventilation of the drainage system. In compliance with the DPCM 5/12/1997 on passive acoustic requirements inside buildings (Law in force in Italy), the POLO-KAL 3S water drainage system offers the highest soundproofing performances certified in accordance with EN 14366 at the Fraunhöfer Institute in Stuttgart.

Installation method

Heavy system to be installed by means of a push-fit joining, secured by an elastomeric gasket. The connection with the socket guarantees adequate space for any expansion of the system with a reliable and guaranteed seal over time. The POLO-KAL 3S polypropylene system is compatible for connection with other plastic materials in PP / PE-HD / PVC in standard diameters.

Installation accessories

A whole series of accessories useful for the construction of drainage systems are associated with the POLO-KAL 3S polypropylene system, including: 

  • Valves for exhaust ventilation
  • Non-return valves
  • Fire protection systems (sleeves – bands – bags)
  • Single-layer isolating sheaths
  • Triple-layer soundproofing sheets
  • Pipe fixing and anchoring collars
Special conditions

The special composition of the POLO-KAL 3S system determines characteristics of robustness and resistance even in critical environmental situations (rigid cold or extreme heat). Furthermore, in the event of an accident or an accidental hole, the system can be quickly repaired by heat sealing performed by an expert hand with special equipment.

Operating characteristics and performance
  • Pipes in PP-C / Porolen / PP-C and fittings in PP-C / MV. The materials that make up the POLO-KAL 3S system are completely recyclable and made free of halogens, cadmium and heavy metals.
  • The temperature of the fluid evacuated within the system can reach 98°C for a short period of time, while for the long term the temperature can reach 95°C
  • Annular stiffness equal to 4.0 kN / m² (SN4 according to EN 1401)
  • Coefficient of linear expansion equal to 0.08 mm / mk
  • Fire resistance in Class D-s2, d1 (in accordance with EN 13501-1)
  • Acoustic level equal to 18 dB / (A) Lin measured in the laboratory in the test environment with 2 drop levels and sound level meter positioned on the lowest floor, with a discharge capacity of 4 liters / second (equal to 2 toilet cisterns discharged simultaneously) and commonly used fixing collars normally supplied to plumbing installers (type BISMAT 2000)
  • Diameters of 75-90-110-125-160 mm.
  • Weight of Kg. 2,240 for a pipe Ø 110 mm. single socket with a length of 1 meter
  • For the use of Polypropylene in the presence of chemical substances contained in the evacuated fluid, carefully observe the requirements in the relevant reference TABLE
  • 20-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Learn more about the Italian regulation and discover the technical rules for a correct design and installation with no noise objection. To avoid noise disturbances and improve living comfort, nothing should be left to chance!

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